Cybiz is a leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing Services to Fortune 500 companies. We offer a range of integrated customer care services including voice, email response, real-time chat, knowledge management, CRM architecture and other value added services to large global corporations.

BPO is one of the most important cost control weapons in the management armory. BPO providers are able to bring prowess in areas of re-engineering, process improvements as well as technologies, thereby eliminating unnecessary operating costs.

The current global mantra to overcome this apparent impasse appears to be through the medium of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). In some respects, BPO can be viewed as an amalgamation of Business Process Re-engineering (the great management obsession of the nineties) and Outsourcing. The intent is to enable an organization to access best practices for a set of business processes, e.g., accounting, customer management, etc., by using a specialist provider who has acquired world-class skills.

Many companies, including a significant proportion in the financial services sector, tried their hand at Business Process Re-engineering in the nineties. Only a few emerged successfully, having achieved the objectives they had set for themselves. Most found that their initiatives floundered mid-way, possibly because they either lacked unwavering commitment at the board / senior management level or the essential leading-edge technical skills were inadequate or more often did not have the sheer management energy to push through intensive process-improvement projects. However, BPO offers business improvement without tears or, at least, it can do so if a sensible approach is adopted.


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